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>> Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Well hey there, did you miss me?  I could sit here and expound on the many, many things that have been happening in our lives that have kept me from blogging, but I won't.  I will just say insanity and move on.  The last year or so have been, and in ways continue to be trying.  In addition to that, I have been fighting with the issue that I lost my voice.  Not my literal voice, but my mental one.  The one that signed on periodically to share a bit of life, knowledge, and fun.

The good news is that I am back.  This weekend is a the weekend I look forward to all year long.  It's time for the 2:1 conference!  The conference officially kicks off tomorrow, but I arrived early (though later than planned after missing a connecting flight)  *sigh*  Oh well...enough of that...It's time for an awesome weekend, with some AMAZING girls!  OH and did I mention that I have the extreme honor of being on the 2:1 Conference team this year?!?  Be sure to follow the #2to1conf for updates, insights and fun!

OH and I am on a mission...the mission to get back into blogging...I think I am finally ready to dive back in.  I hope y'all will stick around and bare with me.

OH and if you are wondering...this year's 2:1 Conference hotel theme...angles...


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