10 of the MANY Reasons Why I Love The 2:1 Conference

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1.  The real life relationships...I could say "putting an actual person to the profile pic" here, but it is SO much more than that!!  I made connections at The 2:1 Conference that went beyond facebook and twitter...I have formed relationships with some of my girls that I know will last a lifetime!
2.  Size...This one is HUGE to me....I LOVE the fact that 2:1 is small and intimate.  I have been to conferences of all sizes...(I mean come on my first ever blogging conference was BlogHer '10)  Many people seem to LOVE the huge conferences, but to me there is nothing better than a nice small conferences where I am not just trading business cards with bloggers and companies I will never remember and see again, but actually see some of the same people as much as I want, and form lasting relationships...(see point 1)  :D
3.  We are all homeschoolers...you can go an entire weekend without ever once getting "the look"  you know...the one that says "OH she's one of THOSE those weird, crazy, people who teach their kids at home and don't socialize them...you know the look...You won't get that look at ALL over the weekend while at the conference.  Actually it's the norm, and you will be getting the How many kids do you have, how old are they, type of questions instead.  
4.  We are all bloggers...well most of us anyway...It is not always easy to be a homeschooler, nor is it always easy to be a blogger...come on...I can pretty much guarantee that we have all gotten confused look, and the questions like "is that like a diary online?"  Most of us at the conference are bloggers, but if you don't have a blog, you only hang out on the social media scene, don't let that stop you.  :)
5.  Location!  Ok y'all seriously...I know we are homeschoolers, and you may have to take a few school days off to go to the conference, but it's being held in Herndon, Va...it's a stones throw to Washington DC, and come on...what better place to have a homeschooling field trip!  Bring the family for the conference and beyond, or do what I did last year...I drove up the the conference, had some AWESOME roommates, then Sunday Neil and the kids rode the train to DC and I met them there!  We stayed until Monday night, and all drove home together.
6.  Sponsor connections...HEY there are actual people behind some of our favorite companies!  Who knew!  ;)  In all seriousness, 2:1 is an awesome place to form relationships with both companies you may already know and love, as well as finding companies and awesome products that are new to you.
7.  The sessions and speakers are awesome!  They did a GREAT job last year, and the line-up looks awesome this year as well!!  Excited for the speakers announced so far for 2013, and more are to come!
8.  There are no "untouchables"  Ok seriously, I know, especially for those of you that have never been to a conference before, you may see some of the speakers, or other attendees planning to come and get a bit nervous...Let me tell you (This is in no way an actual guarantee) but can ALMOST assure you that none of the attendees, speakers, or even Cheryl (the awesomeness behind the conference) will bite. :)  Seriously y'all, this is another benefit of a small conference...I mean, as attendees of last year's conference, we even have a Facebook Group to help us all keep in touch!  
9.  The Price...Seriously...I know that if you are thinking of going to The 2:1 Conference, you are most likely a homeschooler, and probably a blogger too...as we all know, that can translate into tight finances!  The 2:1 Conference strives to keep prices as low as possible...The conference ticket is only $199, which includes entry to the conference, including ALL of the sessions and events, as well as dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch, AND dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday...PLUS snacks!  If you need help with the ticket, feel free to scope out your own sponsor, or check out the partners page to get connected with sponsors!
10.  Worship---God is definitely at the center of The 2:1 Conference, not just an afterthought.  His presence is felt everywhere, and as we all know, keeping him in the center of our lives is what it is all about!  From The 2:1 Conference Website:
"Our theme for 2013 is “Give HIM Room”.  Imagine what could we accomplish if we followed God’s leading rather than our own!  We will wholeheartedly explore the dynamics of that possibility while praising Him and growing our online space."
Disclaimer on this one...It's actually from Allume 2012, but I didn't have pics with Cheryl and Aurie from 2:1 2012,  and I couldn't fathom not including them!!  
So what's holding you back?  Will you be joining us at The 2:1 Conference this year?  

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