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>> Thursday, August 30, 2012

From our trip to DC earlier this year  :)

Hey there everyone!!  Did you think I got lost?...seriously did you think I gave up on y'all??  Please know I TOTALLY didn't...this year has definitely been a trying one...

BUT the main thing is having the FAITH and knowing that it isn't up to us to deal with GOD is the one in charge and he wants us to put it in his hands...THAT is what makes ALL of the difference!!  

Along with all of the bad/trying that has happened this year, of course there has also been good...and THAT's what I need to focus on!!  

SO hopefully since things have started leveling out, I will be posting on this here blog thingy again  ;)  I will also hopefully, sometime in the near future, be doing some blog remodeling...so keep an eye out for that!  :)

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