Happy 8th Birthday Princess!

>> Thursday, December 27, 2012

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8 years ago today I was in the hospital waiting for our beautiful baby girl to be born! The time has flown by, and we couldn't be more proud of our beautiful girl!! We love you SO much princess!!!


How do you cope when tragedy strikes?

>> Friday, December 14, 2012

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Ok, Ok...I know this is my third post in one day, and I know that that is a BIG blogging no no...especially after being on a blogging hiatus for over a month, but I felt God pushing me to write this, and really, who am I to argue???

What do you do when tragedy strikes?

How do you react?  

How do you cope?  

We are ALL different, and this is no more apparent than in the way that we deal with a tragedy.  Do you sit around, GLUED to the TV or do you try to ignore it...maybe you are somewhere in between.

Today's tragedy in CT has pushed many of us to find out how we cope, whether we wanted to know or not...I am SO blessed to be a Christian, and to be able to fall back on God, and know that he is in charge.  My heart goes out to those effected personally by the tragedy, as well as those watching at home who are effected.  The latter of those groups are the ones I would like to talk to in this post...

It is VERY important while watching and reading the news to remember your boundaries...What can you handle?  It is SO easy to be sucked into news footage, feeling sometimes almost like it is your duty to watch and share in the countries heartbreak.  Let me tell you right now, while you may share in the country's heartbreak, you do NOT have to focus your day on it...It is so easy to cross the boundary to obsessing without even realizing it...

I have never shared this, but feel the need to now...My wakeup call for this very fact came on 9/11.  I like most of the country, sat glued to the TV, watching the second plane hit, watching the towers fall, mourning with our nation.  When I wasn't watching the TV that day, I was listening to the radio...my day and week were consumed by the tragedy...As time went by, the news was less and less on the subject, life resumed, and while we never forgot 9/11, time heals us...

Here is the thing....had I been "normal", that would have been the end of it, but looking back, it was far from the end.  Even though I was not personally effected by 9/11, by looking back, I know that I entered a small state of paranoia and depression.  In addition to my mild depression, I also became paranoid about the area we live in, the fact that we have multiple military bases in the area, as well as having shipbuilding, AND a port, all make this area prime targets...I became complacent to the fact that if another attack were to happen, it would probably be on our area...It wasn't only that though....I also became paranoid with my personal health...crying myself to sleep multiple nights when I noticed ANYTHING off about my body....elevated heart rate, pain in my head, etc...I was worried I may not make it through the night...(looking back most, if not all of the things that worried me were probably brought on my stress/anxiety)

The point is not to bring back 9/11, or to add stress to anyone local that reads my blog.  The point is this...knowing myself, when something like this happens, I know not to run to the TV or stalk the news sites.  I know that by reading snippets from news sites, and friends posts, I get the news I need, I still mourn with my country, but without causing myself grief that may push me to cross that invisible line.

All that to say this...When something like this happens, be sure to step back and assess how you are handling things...It's ok to turn the channel, close that tab, etc...If later you want to go back to it, that's fine, but do so with a mindset that you won't let yourself get pulled over the edge.  Make yourself be self aware.

No one will think any less of you because you didn't see every newscast, read every heartbreaking account, etc.

You know yourself better than ANYONE else, 
do what's right for YOU!  


...and for a quick announcement...

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Prayers are appreciated!!

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Have you heard of SchoolhouseTeachers.com?

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As a homeschooling mom, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for resources to help out with scheduling, curriculum, or just something different to throw into our homeschool day to break up the "norm".  Enter an AWESOME site I was recently introduced to...
SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a site that fits the bill in every way!  First off, it is brought to us by the awesome people behind The Old Schoolhouse Magazine...(Which btw I have been immensely enjoying since I found the handy dandy iphone/ipad app)

When I was asked to review SchoolhouseTeachers.com, I honestly didn't know what to expect.  I am a brand new member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, this was our first review, and honestly I hadn't ever heard of the site.  When I logged in for the first time, I was blown away with the plethora of resources!  I mean seriously y'all, there is a LOT of great things, for EVERY age, and all jammed into a nice website for a small price!   
I thought that since there is SO much packed into SchoolhouseTeachers.com, I would highlight some of my favorite things that we have been/will be enjoying!

First thing that caught my eye in exploring the website were the printable planners.  Seriously y'all, if you have met me, you KNOW that I need all the help I can get in the organization department.  When I say that I was excited to find a printable planner, don't get me wrong...these are NOT your basic humdrum planners!  SchoolhouseTeachers.com offers customizable planners for the general homeschool, special needs homeschooling, PLUS offering planners for Primary, Intermediate, and High School Levels

The next thing that I was drawn to is checking out the math resources.  I think (or maybe I would just like to believe I am in good company) that every homeschool/homeschool mom has one area where they need extra help planning or teaching.  Mine is math...I don't know what it is, but when it comes to choosing a math curriculum, I freeze...I have researched many of them, and can't make up my mind in the end, therefore we end up doing our own thing.  I also think that math is one of those things that walk a fine line of approaching with a fun perspective, and coming across dry and boring...again, maybe I am alone in this assessment.  When checking out the math portion of the site, I was greeted by Dr. Peter Price.  When I was listening to his introduction, I was thrilled with his friendly and easy demeanor...AND he is an Aussie...that fact alone made my kids want to watch him!  LOL  I was impressed by his approach to teaching math, and although it is still pretty early in our using his sheets, the kids have been doing well.  (His math starts with grade 1, but it is something that I am able to sit down with Bubba and work through with him.)

Ok, ok, I know this review is heading to the long side, but seriously there is a LOT to go over...I am only going to tell you about one more thing that I am VERY excited about on the site, and from there it is up to you to go check out the site for yourself!

The third thing that I wanted to highlight, is something that we have yet to utilize, but I CAN'T WAIT to get started with (hopefully) sometime next year!  One thing that our homeschool has been COMPLETELY lacking in is music...now let me say, this is no fault of my kids wanting to take music lesons, however, if you have checked into music lessons, you know where I am going with this...if not, just wait til you do....music lessons are EXPENSIVE!!!  My kiddos have REALLY been wanting to start lessons, but unfortunately, they are something that our budget just can't swing...and honestly probably won't be able to for a LONG time.  When I was looking around the site, I almost squealed out loud when I saw that there are GUITAR LESSONS!!!  How cool is that!?!?!  I am really looking forward to surprising the kiddos with starting the guitar, and yes, I totally plan to be doing it right along with them!!  ;)
Seriously, there is SO much more to the site than I have been able to highlight here.  (For example, I didn't even get to touch the fact that there is a new lapbook every month!)  Also, I know that my focus is on the elementary aspects of the site, but there are even more things available for Middle and High school levels!

To make things even better, right now SchoolhouseTeachers.com is offering special pricing!!  If you join today, you get your first month of SchoolhouseTeachers.com for only $1!!  After your first month, the price is only $5.95/month.  That, in my opinion, is very much worth it.  If before joining,  you look around the site and know it is something you will use throughout the year, there is special pricing for that too!!  You can sign up for a 1 year membership and only pay $49 for the whole year!  To make the pot even sweeter, those who choose the 1 year membership will also receive the 2013 annual print book AND your choice of the Winter Cranberry or Chocolate Mint tote for free!!   

Check out the site, and be sure to let me know what you think!  What are your favorite sections of the site??  I hope y'all enjoy it as much as we are!!  


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


Giving Thanks Challenge 2012

>> Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Hey y'all!!  Can you believe it is November already?!?  Where has the time gone?  It has been a crazy year...We have had a LOT on our plates throughout the year, but we try our best not to lose sight that God is ALWAYS in control, and we ALWAYS have LOTS to be thankful for!

This year, I have the privilege of linking up with some AWESOME ladies for the Giving Thanks Challenge 2012!!!  See that new, shiny graphic on my sidebar??  Each day in the month of November,  I will be adding something that I am thankful for under the graphic on my sidebar!  How cool is that!

On Thursdays, I will also be writing a post with the link-up, as well as expanding on some of the things I was thankful for that week.

Think it's a great idea?  Want to join us??  PLEASE DO!!  Link up your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+, whatever you want....Even if you don't have a blog, there are many ways to keep your list...Make a board on Pinterest and add to it daily, Make a note on Facebook, create your own hashtag on twitter, etc...be creative and run with it!  Just make sure to link up below so we can follow you, and don't forget to check out some of the awesome other ladies participating and follow them back.  :)


10 of the MANY Reasons Why I Love The 2:1 Conference

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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1.  The real life relationships...I could say "putting an actual person to the profile pic" here, but it is SO much more than that!!  I made connections at The 2:1 Conference that went beyond facebook and twitter...I have formed relationships with some of my girls that I know will last a lifetime!
2.  Size...This one is HUGE to me....I LOVE the fact that 2:1 is small and intimate.  I have been to conferences of all sizes...(I mean come on my first ever blogging conference was BlogHer '10)  Many people seem to LOVE the huge conferences, but to me there is nothing better than a nice small conferences where I am not just trading business cards with bloggers and companies I will never remember and see again, but actually see some of the same people as much as I want, and form lasting relationships...(see point 1)  :D
3.  We are all homeschoolers...you can go an entire weekend without ever once getting "the look"  you know...the one that says "OH she's one of THOSE those weird, crazy, people who teach their kids at home and don't socialize them...you know the look...You won't get that look at ALL over the weekend while at the conference.  Actually it's the norm, and you will be getting the How many kids do you have, how old are they, type of questions instead.  
4.  We are all bloggers...well most of us anyway...It is not always easy to be a homeschooler, nor is it always easy to be a blogger...come on...I can pretty much guarantee that we have all gotten confused look, and the questions like "is that like a diary online?"  Most of us at the conference are bloggers, but if you don't have a blog, you only hang out on the social media scene, don't let that stop you.  :)
5.  Location!  Ok y'all seriously...I know we are homeschoolers, and you may have to take a few school days off to go to the conference, but it's being held in Herndon, Va...it's a stones throw to Washington DC, and come on...what better place to have a homeschooling field trip!  Bring the family for the conference and beyond, or do what I did last year...I drove up the the conference, had some AWESOME roommates, then Sunday Neil and the kids rode the train to DC and I met them there!  We stayed until Monday night, and all drove home together.
6.  Sponsor connections...HEY there are actual people behind some of our favorite companies!  Who knew!  ;)  In all seriousness, 2:1 is an awesome place to form relationships with both companies you may already know and love, as well as finding companies and awesome products that are new to you.
7.  The sessions and speakers are awesome!  They did a GREAT job last year, and the line-up looks awesome this year as well!!  Excited for the speakers announced so far for 2013, and more are to come!
8.  There are no "untouchables"  Ok seriously, I know, especially for those of you that have never been to a conference before, you may see some of the speakers, or other attendees planning to come and get a bit nervous...Let me tell you (This is in no way an actual guarantee) but can ALMOST assure you that none of the attendees, speakers, or even Cheryl (the awesomeness behind the conference) will bite. :)  Seriously y'all, this is another benefit of a small conference...I mean, as attendees of last year's conference, we even have a Facebook Group to help us all keep in touch!  
9.  The Price...Seriously...I know that if you are thinking of going to The 2:1 Conference, you are most likely a homeschooler, and probably a blogger too...as we all know, that can translate into tight finances!  The 2:1 Conference strives to keep prices as low as possible...The conference ticket is only $199, which includes entry to the conference, including ALL of the sessions and events, as well as dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch, AND dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday...PLUS snacks!  If you need help with the ticket, feel free to scope out your own sponsor, or check out the partners page to get connected with sponsors!
10.  Worship---God is definitely at the center of The 2:1 Conference, not just an afterthought.  His presence is felt everywhere, and as we all know, keeping him in the center of our lives is what it is all about!  From The 2:1 Conference Website:
"Our theme for 2013 is “Give HIM Room”.  Imagine what could we accomplish if we followed God’s leading rather than our own!  We will wholeheartedly explore the dynamics of that possibility while praising Him and growing our online space."
Disclaimer on this one...It's actually from Allume 2012, but I didn't have pics with Cheryl and Aurie from 2:1 2012,  and I couldn't fathom not including them!!  
So what's holding you back?  Will you be joining us at The 2:1 Conference this year?  


I'm getting nervous...

>> Friday, October 26, 2012

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I'm beginning to get quite stressed....

I know...you are wondering what could be stressing me out right??

I mean, I am at a great conference with some awesome ladies...still have a whole day to go...

What could possibly be stressing me out you ask?  Well her name is Sandy...

My original plan was to stay Saturday night, take my time leaving Sunday morning....take my time on the way home....yeah not going to happen.

Hurricane Sandy will be effecting the east coast...here is the problem:

That would be a chart released today by the National Weather Service, predicting the rainfall through Wednesday morning...

Yeah...I'm getting nervous...I THINK I am going to have to head home after the Allume Conference is over tomorrow night...I THINK the worst part of the storm is going to be coming Sunday-Monday...

It all just depends on what the weather says tomorrow...please pray, not only for me, but for everyone being effected by this storm!!  


Pumpkin Patch 2012

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Over the weekend, we took our annual outing to the Pumpkin Patch!! There are a few family farms around us, and we usually rotate...Without Further Ado...I give you picture overload  :)

Please pay no attention that they are straight out of the camera b/c I am too tired to edit them! 

Since I posted this picture of our family's shadows last year, I wanted to take a new one.  :)


Hey guess what! I'm Going to Allume!

>> Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Allume: I'm Going!

So if you haven't been following me on twitter, you may not have heard, but I am heading to the Allume Conference (Previously Relevant) next week!!  I went last year and loved it!!  I honestly didn't think I would be going this year since it has been SUCH a mixed up, crazy, stressful year...BUT I got an extra push a few weeks ago to try to find a ticket, and as of last week, I have my ticket, designed and ordered new business cards, and found a spot in a room with the awesome Laura from I'm an Organizing Junkie!!!  If you don't know/read/follow her check check out!!  :)

I would love to say that I will blog from the conference, however, I know it will probably play out like my previous conferences and won't happen....I WILL however, be live tweeting throughout the conference!  Be sure to Follow Me on Twitter for that, as well as you may want to follow the #allume hashtag to read some great tweets from my fellow attendees.  :)

Relevant 2012 Snow!

Since I am driving again, I hope that there won't be a repeat of the snow from last year, although I will say it was awesome to see since we don't get much in southeast Virginia...Of course when we do, 1/2 inches of snow shuts us down for a day or two.  *eyeroll*

My Relevant 2012 Roomies and I  :)

I know I haven't been blogging much this year, and if you have hung on with me, I wanted to take a sec to say a BIG THANK YOU!!  I am (slowly) working on the blog redesign and move to WordPress, but being a COMPLETE WP newbie, and trying to do it without spending any money is proving to be a bit challenging...I do have some things coming up soon that you won't want to miss, so don't forget to follow me on twitter and facebook to keep up to date.


My letter to VDOT...a rant

>> Monday, September 17, 2012

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Dear VDOT, 

Thanks for releasing a response to the horrific situation of the weekend, HOWEVER your response just makes me laugh!!  Ok I internally started chuckling when I read the first statement 

"The Virginia Department of Transportation ( VDOT ) understands the frustrations and empathizes with the delays motorists experienced on Saturday, Sept. 15"  
HA!  FIRST you try to lay blame on the public for not heeding your warnings stating 
"We have done our best to inform the public for the past month about these closures using all paid, social and earned media outlets we have at our disposal"  
Well yes...that's all well and good, and I am sure we can all agree that we appreciate the knowledge (although I am quite positive most of us were left scratching our heads as to why in the world you would close 2 of the 3 bridges going the SAME way on the SAME weekend.  THEN you follow the previous statement with 
"in the hopes motorists would be able to use this information, anticipate these delays and adjust their plans accordingly."  
OK SERIOUSLY?!?!  *facepalm*  Here is what I hear in the first paragraph...*dripping with patronization* We understand and are SO sorry that you were inconvenienced by our Virginia roadways.  We honestly did everything in our power to get the word to everyone!  We can't imagine why on Earth travelers didn't heed our warnings!  Since we were so through in getting word out, everyone should have expected the delays and adjusted their plans accordingly (Oh wait...that last part was actually in there!!)   

Ok VDOT that is quite some nerve you've got there...YES most of us read about and accepted your idiotic plan of the closures and most of us planned for delays...HOWEVER sitting in backups for what some have reported as 6 hours + are not EVER (and should never have to be) expected.  I know that you can't completely predict the # of travelers, therefore you are limited in your available actions when traffic gets SO backed up (and I am not even going to again mention how not smart closing 2 bridges on the same weekend was again) and I mean honestly I do understand that no matter what you do, someone will always complain...BUT DO NOT PATRONIZE US, and DO NOT try to act like you are innocent in this matter!!  

Our normally 45 minute drive home from Williamsburg last night took over 3 hours...and it seems we may have been some of the lucky ones.  Don't get me wrong...this is not about our trip...THANKFULLY we didn't have the kids with us, and were not in a hurry to get home...this is more about the other travelers that I have been reading about that have stories about almost missing their wedding, people leaving hours early for other events only to still miss them, people who have had their children have accidents due to lack of a bathroom, etc

You go on to explain your reasoning for the multiple closures at the same time (which I appreciate), but there HAD to be some kind of leeway...OH and this bit: 

"If the constant nine-mile delay at MMMBT was made worse by a significant issue, our emergency personnel would have initiated the plan to pull the HRBT work early to release the congestion, but to enact that plan can take upwards of two hours and would have also come with it’s own set of difficulties: one milled lane with jagged edges against a raised lane filled with potholes inside a tunnel with no shoulders can create a extremely dangerous driving situation that could only be allowable under the most dire of circumstances, and only for a short duration." 
...just makes you sound condescending...not really a good move there...

I am not going to nit pick the rest of the article, but I can't leave the ending alone...

"The I-64 east HRBT will be closed for paving again next weekend starting on Friday at 9 p.m . We need to complete the work that was begun this weekend. While internally we will be reviewing the details of what occurred Saturday to potentially develop an additional mitigation strategy for next weekend, I urge motorists to make a plan for themselves and anticipate delays traveling from the Peninsula to the Southside during this time."  
I would like to take the time to ask everyone to please not complain about the closures next weekend...see VDOT has warned us yet again to expect delays...and now we ALL know that when preparing for a VDOT delay, don't forget to wear comfy clothes, load your iPod, pack food and drinks, OH and don't forget the diapers (both child and adult) since there are still to my knowledge no line of port-a-potties down 64/664.  

No excuses from now on people!!!  *eyeroll*


Well hello there...

>> Thursday, August 30, 2012

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From our trip to DC earlier this year  :)

Hey there everyone!!  Did you think I got lost?...seriously did you think I gave up on y'all??  Please know I TOTALLY didn't...this year has definitely been a trying one...

BUT the main thing is having the FAITH and knowing that it isn't up to us to deal with GOD is the one in charge and he wants us to put it in his hands...THAT is what makes ALL of the difference!!  

Along with all of the bad/trying that has happened this year, of course there has also been good...and THAT's what I need to focus on!!  

SO hopefully since things have started leveling out, I will be posting on this here blog thingy again  ;)  I will also hopefully, sometime in the near future, be doing some blog remodeling...so keep an eye out for that!  :)


Wordless Wednesday...almost... 5/15/12

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Just wanted to share a bit of what our last week has been like...

that's no baby...

that's my Grandmom's heart...thankfully it's working fine...now...with her shiny new pacemaker...

We had a big scare Friday with her...that is bad enough, in and of itself, however all of this happening 2 months after losing my other Grandmother to a long bout with cancer has been rough...

Prayers are always appreciated!! 

Is there anything I can pray about for you this week?


Happy Mothers Day!!!

>> Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Happy Mothers Day to all of the AWESOME Mommies out there!!!

You are ALL amazing! 

 I have seen this before, but it still makes me smile!!


OH and there is this one too!  ;)

Hope you all have an Amazing Day!!


Overheard in my house tonight...

>> Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Conversation overheard in my house tonight when it was time to get ready for to bed...

Neil: Go Potty

Bubba: Did you say "Go Pie"?

Neil: No I said Go Potty...

Bubba:  Oh, I really wish you said go pie...I would love some pie...

LOL  Welcome to my world!  


Are y'all ready for some Awesome Science?!?

>> Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Hey y'all! I am very excited to share with everyone the latest in products I get to review as part of the Moms of Masterbooks Team!! This month it is all about science...Awesome Science that is. :)

From their site: "Join 14 year old Noah Justice as he travels the globe to discover evidences for the Bible as the true history book of the world."

The dvd's are fun and engaging for elementary and middle school children, but informative enough for adults! I can't tell you how much I enjoy series that are effective enough to teach my children while I am learning things at the same time!

We were also blessed to get the study guides for the dvd's which were great, although a bit advanced for my 5 & 7 year olds. I love that there is a list of vocabulary words for each section, as well as fill in the blank / true or false and discussion questions. I worked through some of the questions orally with them, however an answer key would be an amazing addition since I was second guessing myself! LOL

Each DVD includes one 30 minute episode, as well as production pictures, and my kids' favorite addition...a blooper reel! LOL

So far there are 3 episodes of Awesome Science available; The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Meteor Crater / Petrified Forest. I can tell you right now that we will be ordering the third DVD for our library!

Want to know more about the series, or better yet, win your own copy??

Be sure to join me and the other Moms of Masterbooks TONIGHT for an awesome twitter party!

Our Next Twitter Party

When: TONIGHT April 19 @ 9pm EST
Hashtag: #teachthetruth
Follow: @masterbooks4u & @mamahall
Prizes: Copies of the Amazing Science DVD's!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Moms of Masterbooks team, and was provided a copy of the first two DVD's as well as study guides in exchange for my honest opinion!


so here we go again...

>> Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Another month, another photo challenge!  I am REALLY going to try to stick with it this time... To say last month was chaotic is the understatement of the year...lets just say that my grandmother hasn't been doing well at all, and I haven't seen my kids more than a few hours in a week b/c I have been spending so much time there...  I will fill everyone in later, but prayers are VERY much appreciated!

Same rules as what I was going to try to do last month...I will be posting the pics to twitter daily, and on the blog weekly.  Who wants to join me this month?!?!


It's Tonight, DDD is Tonight!!

>> Monday, February 27, 2012

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It's tonight!!  I know this is VERY late, and I apologize, but be sure to check out the new episode of Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives tonight at 10pm EST & tomorrow 1am EST, to see my family's restaurant!  You will get to see my Daddy cooking chicken, and you may either get to see Neil or I too!  Let me know if you watch and what you think!!!

Also be sure to check us out at Moseberths.com and on Facebook!!


Ok y'all I'm going to do it...

>> Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Even though I am a day late starting it, I am going to go for it and start the #Febphotoaday challenge!  I have been wanting to start a challenge for a while now, so I am excited!  I will be posting my photos daily via twitter, and weekly here!  :)  Hope y'all enjoy!!  Let me know if you decide to join too!! 


World of Animals Winner!!

>> Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for entering my World of Animals Giveaway!!  
And the winner is.......
True Random Number Generator 
Powered by RANDOM.ORG
"Cassie ·My favorite animal is probably cats, since I've had a cat as a pet most of my life and they are always loyal to me (sometimes annoyingly so)"
CONGRATS Cassie!!!  Just e-mail me at mommyramblings@gmail.com ASAP with your full name, address, and phone # so your book can be on its way!! :)  
 Thanks again to everyone that entered!


Masterbooks World of Animals Review & Giveaway

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Hey y'all, it's time to introduce you to another awesome book in the Masterbooks line!

The World of Animals is nothing short of awesome! Seriously, who wouldn't love flipping through 256 full color pages with information on over 1000 animals!!

You can have your own copy!!

Join me with the other Moms of Masterbooks for a fun twitter party Tuesday January 17 at 8pm central for multiple chances to win! Be sure to follow @masterbooks4u and @mamahall, as well as #teachthetruth so you don't miss out!

Masterbooks has been kind enough to provide one of my readers with their own copy of The World of Animals!

Here's how to enter: 

-Leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite animal is. :)

For an extra entry, share my giveaway on twitter or facebook.  Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

The giveaway will run through 11:59pm eastern January 19.

The winner will be chosen using random.org, and announced January 20.

Good luck everyone!!

Disclosure:  am a member of the Moms of Masterbooks team, and was provided a copy of the book, as well as a book for one of my readers in exchange for my honest opinion!


I'm on Hip Homeschool Moms again today :)

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Be sure to check out my review of Peter and the Wolf by Maestro Classics today on Hip Homeschool Moms!!  Be sure to enter the giveaway while you are there!!  :)


Wordless Wednesday

>> Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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What happens when a 4 year old uses the iPad alone...

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