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>> Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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"After creating VeggieTales®, I knew it was time to take kids deeper into the Bible. To help them laugh and learn their way thru the BIG story of God's love for them. Join me on the journey thru the WHOLE Bible — with Buck Denver asks…What's In the Bible?" - Phil Vischer

The holidays are coming VERY quickly, and I really wanted to share with y'all what to us has been a relatively new discovery.  Have you heard about a series for kids called What's in the Bible?  Ok seriously y'all...I LOVE Phil Vischer, and have been a fan of Veggietales ever since I used to blare the music in the backroom of the Family Christian Store where I was an ICS for years...about 10 years ago.  Anywho, Veggietales did, and always will hold a special place in my heart.  Here is where I honestly admit that when What's in the Bible? first came out, I skimmed over them.  I think I was a bit leery of the puppets honestly, although now I know how much of a mistake I was making!  What's in the Bible is Phil's new way of teaching the Bible...not just the easy things and ideas we may learn in Sunday School, but more in depth about the hows and whys of the Bible while keeping it fast paced, funny, and VERY entertaining. 

As you know, I had the AWESOME opportunity to attend the Relevant Conference this year.  When I found out that What's in the Bible? was going to be a sponsor, I broke down and bought DVD 1 about 2 weeks before the conference so that I would be familiar with the product.  We sat down one night with pizza and the DVD, Neil and I not knowing what exactly was about to start for our family.  I was amazed at not only how much we ALL enjoyed that movie or the awesome songs and humor, but Neil and I BOTH learned things!  We all have been quoting from the movie, and my kids can now answer questions like;  What is primeval history? What is a testament? How many writers wrote the Bible, and how long did it take?, etc.  Here is the first 5 minutes of DVD 1, so you can see what I mean, and get a feel for things.

See what I mean?  Let me tell you, it just keeps getting better from there!  LOL  Oh, I should also mention that while trick or treating this year, Bubba B declared that it was "more fun than American Idol"  hehehe.  Phil has said that What's in the Bible? is kinda like the Muppets go to seminary...I can totally see that!  What's in the Bible? was awesome enough to give all of the attendees the What's in the Bible CD, full of songs from the first few DVD's, and I am not ashamed to say that when I pulled in my driveway at home, I was on the 4th time listening to the CD...and no, my kids weren't with me.  ;)  So far our favorite song remains to be "Genesis", but we love them all! 

This series is far from being completed, but eventually the DVDs will cover Genesis-Revelation.  So far, six DVD's have been released.  DVDs 1-5 cover Genesis-2 Samuel, and there is also a DVD containing an awesome Christmas special.  The Christmas special will answer questions like Why do we cut down trees and hang stockings for Christmas, as well as explains who Saint Nicholas was. 

What's in the Bible? has been great enought to offer an abreviated version of the Christmas special for you to view.  Kick back with a cup of coffee and enjoy previewing the special...I would be willing to bet that you will learn something!  I know I did.  :) 

Hopefully you have enjoyed my review of What's in the Bible?  They are running a great deal currently.  If you click on the button at the top of this post, or the sidebar of my blog, you can order the set of all 6 DVDs for $39.95  :)  If you order them, be sure to come back and let me know what you think! 

*This post is made up of my own thoughts and opinions.  I was not compensated to write about the product, I just really am THAT in love with the series!  I will get a small commission if you order through one of my affiliate links*


Some things in this world I will never understand...

>> Saturday, November 12, 2011

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...and I won't try to either...  I know that when people do some things, they don't know backstories, or maybe they don't even care, but when stealing pumpkins off of porches, do you think they even pause for a second to consider that they are turning this...

...Into this...

The kids spent the night with my mom last night, but when they get home, I will have to try to explain to them that some people do mean things, for reasons we don't understand...My husband also let me know that we were not the only house hit...there were multiple houses hit down the side street.  It could be alot worse, but very sad just the same.  :(


And we have a gift card winner!!!

>> Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for entering my Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway!!  

And the winner is.......

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Mami2jcn· 1 week ago
10/25 daily entry: Thanks so much for the chance!

CONGRATS Mami2jcn!!  Just e-mail me at mommyramblings@gmail.com ASAP with your full name, address, and phone # so your gift card can be on its way!! :)  Thanks again to everyone that entered!  

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