She will be here soon...

>> Friday, August 26, 2011

Who will be here you ask?  Well if you look at a weather map right now she is hard to miss!  I am talking about Hurricane Irene.

Have I ever mentioned I live in Southeast Virginia....  *sigh*  Living in a coastal area as I have all my life, you get used to hurricanes coming and going.  Honestly I don't usually pay attention to potential hurricanes that may hit us because more times than not, they veer off East into the ocean.  I have to admit Irene has my attention, and has for days.  I did my shopping yesterday; stocking up on bottled water, canned veggies, tuna, and peanut butter.  Tomorrow's objectives include filling both trucks with gas, filling my grandmom's car with gas, catching up ALL of my laundry *faint*, and getting everything off of the garage floor (our garage floods).

I plan to update everyone via twitter, and blogging HOPEFULLY as long as the cell towers are online!  Thank goodness for my iphone!  I put out a call on twitter earlier asking if anyone wanted to ship me a Verizon Ipad2 so I could be more accessible during and after the storm, but funny enough no one jumped at the chance.  Go figure!  ;)

You know that sad thing is that there has been a raging fire in the Dismal Swamp, so the words "smoke cloud" are a normal part of our forecast for the last few weeks, then we have the earthquake the other day...NOW we have Irene to deal with.  UGH.

Is anyone else in Irene's path?  If so PLEASE be careful, and keep us all updated as much as possible!!  Stay safe everyone!!

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