>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last night I went to bed pretty satisfied...I remembered to send a few blog related e-mails, print our CSA agreement for the year, checked the The Hip Homeschool Forum to see if new members needed approval, scheduled a tweet for this morning, wished my DH Happy Anniversary after it was midnight...thought I was doing pretty well...that is until we woke up this morning.  I was still in bed when I overheard the conversation in the hallway...It went something like this...

Princess K: Do you know what the tooth fairy brought me?

Neil:  What did the tooth fairy bring you?

Princess K:  Nothing!

I promptly smacked my forehead a few times and buried my head under the pillow repeatedly asking myself how I could have forgotten something like that!!!  DAHH!  *sigh*  You have go to having a TOTAL mommy fail at 8am...before the day even starts!  UGH...I told her to leave her tooth under her pillow so she doesn't lose it, but I am secretly hoping the tooth fairy will sneak in and get the tooth today since she was SO busy last night!  Myst have been a busy tooth day yesterday! 

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