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>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today Princess K both got a fat lip, and lost her top right tooth...Her tooth has been loose for months, but smacking it on her brothers bed this morning made it quite loose.  LOL  For some reason she had her head down by the mattress on his bed, Bubba B, unable to resist any one leaning over and showing their back, of course took the opportunity to jump on her, in turn making her smack her mouth on the wooden bed frame...That was while I was making lunch...She decided she wanted me to pull the tooth, however, it took multiple attempts over the course of the afternoon.  Finally all I needed was one more yank, and it popped out...and shot down to the bathroom floor.  After crawling around on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for the offending tooth, I found it hiding cleverly under the step stool. 

She was thrilled to have the tooth out, and I spent the evening trying to laugh as little as possible at her speech, although after I realized she also found it funny, I got her to repeatedly say the word thock, I mean sock.  LOL  I should also mention that while getting ready to go to the restaurant to show Daddy her fat lip and missing tooth, Bubba B managed to get a paper cut across his lip, then while eating dinner he bit his tongue....really I don't mind blood, but 4 injuries in one day is plenty  LOL 

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