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>> Friday, March 25, 2011

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

When starting my blog a few years ago, one of the things I had to really ask myself is how anonymous I wanted to stay.  Bloggers range on the subject from those who do not disclose the names of their kids, where they live, etc, to those who clearly state their last name, kids' names, where they live, etc.  Another thing to consider is how much of my blogging life I wanted to share with friends and family.  What I finally decided was to give the kids nicknames, and only state the general area we live.  For a long time I was VERY hesitant to post anything that would narrow down our location too much, or give out any clues about our family.  I will say that on that subject, foursquare pretty much narrows down the area we live, sometimes more than I like, however I still use, and enjoy it.  :)  I also made the decision to separate my "normal" life from my blogging life.  My personal facebook page is not linked with my blog page, some of my friends and family know that I blog, however the only ones who have actually seen it are my husband, my mom, and my friend Lis.

This may all soon change.  Although the line sometimes gets blurred one way or the other temporarily, it may be shattered soon.  I cannot make an official announcement yet, but my family's business, and quite possibly myself are going to be on TV in the coming months, and I don't want you to miss it!  :)  

SO be on the lookout for my awesome announcement in the coming month.  :)  I wish I could post it now, but the production company doesn't want things announced yet, but AS SOON as I get clearance I will be posting it on my blog!  Can't wait to share my good news with y'all! 

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