Are you an adventurous eater?

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011 not so much, but Neil's philosophy is that he will try anything once.  He also loves the prospect of trying...well...somewhat unconventional foods.  Today was a day he waits for annually...My family owns a restaurant, and one of our suppliers has an annual "critter day" where they invite employees, and customers to lunch for a buffet of unconventional means...I mean really not everyone can say they have been to a buffet that looks like the one above (yes that is an actual picture of the buffet LOL)...and yes, I realize that most people would want to stay away from that same buffet...LOL  Like I mentioned before...I am far from adventurous when it comes to my fact, I can be quite picky when called for...HOWEVER Neil LOVES trying new things...his favorite on the buffet this year was the ostrich.  I didn't try it, but it honestly looked nothing like looked more like a steak!  I stuck to the venison and potatoes, and collards and grits...YUM

After eating, Neil had talked to our rep and gotten someone lined up to tour the distribution center!  The kids LOVE it, and so did we!  They have millions of dollars in goods stored currently in the warehouse, and it only takes about 14 days to turn it ALL over!  We got to tour the dry goods section, refrigerated section, and frozen section...we did NOT however venture into the ice cream room which measures -0 degrees.  (I did however learn that they have to keep the ice cream that low because the high sugar content softens it if not)  Who knew!

One of the coolest things on the tour was the robot...For some things that they stock that they break the case of, or aren't big sellers, they store on 2 rows of shelves.  Basically, when you have product to go there, you scan the pallet you are putting it on, scan the product and put it on the platform in front of you...the rest is totally automated...the system analyze the sales data and for the things that sell the least, puts the product on a vacant shelf at the top, and the things that are going to be needed get put lower...then as things are ordered, it will automatically put things on the bottom shelves so the employees can easily reach them...AMAZING!

We cut the tour a few minutes short b/c we had to find a potty, but we had a LOT of fun.  :)  SO what's the most exotic/different thing you have tried?  How was it?

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