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>> Thursday, March 31, 2011

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be where you ask?!?

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I will be a newbie at the Ultimate Blog Party thrown by 5minutesformom,  this year!!!  Will you join me??


Are you an adventurous eater?

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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...me not so much, but Neil's philosophy is that he will try anything once.  He also loves the prospect of trying...well...somewhat unconventional foods.  Today was a day he waits for annually...My family owns a restaurant, and one of our suppliers has an annual "critter day" where they invite employees, and customers to lunch for a buffet of unconventional means...I mean really not everyone can say they have been to a buffet that looks like the one above (yes that is an actual picture of the buffet LOL)...and yes, I realize that most people would want to stay away from that same buffet...LOL  Like I mentioned before...I am far from adventurous when it comes to my food...in fact, I can be quite picky when called for...HOWEVER Neil LOVES trying new things...his favorite on the buffet this year was the ostrich.  I didn't try it, but it honestly looked nothing like poultry...it looked more like a steak!  I stuck to the venison and potatoes, and collards and grits...YUM

After eating, Neil had talked to our rep and gotten someone lined up to tour the distribution center!  The kids LOVE it, and so did we!  They have millions of dollars in goods stored currently in the warehouse, and it only takes about 14 days to turn it ALL over!  We got to tour the dry goods section, refrigerated section, and frozen section...we did NOT however venture into the ice cream room which measures -0 degrees.  (I did however learn that they have to keep the ice cream that low because the high sugar content softens it if not)  Who knew!

One of the coolest things on the tour was the robot...For some things that they stock that they break the case of, or aren't big sellers, they store on 2 rows of shelves.  Basically, when you have product to go there, you scan the pallet you are putting it on, scan the product and put it on the platform in front of you...the rest is totally automated...the system analyze the sales data and for the things that sell the least, puts the product on a vacant shelf at the top, and the things that are going to be needed get put lower...then as things are ordered, it will automatically put things on the bottom shelves so the employees can easily reach them...AMAZING!

We cut the tour a few minutes short b/c we had to find a potty, but we had a LOT of fun.  :)  SO what's the most exotic/different thing you have tried?  How was it?


The battle of anonymity...

>> Friday, March 25, 2011

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Question mark made of puzzle pieces

When starting my blog a few years ago, one of the things I had to really ask myself is how anonymous I wanted to stay.  Bloggers range on the subject from those who do not disclose the names of their kids, where they live, etc, to those who clearly state their last name, kids' names, where they live, etc.  Another thing to consider is how much of my blogging life I wanted to share with friends and family.  What I finally decided was to give the kids nicknames, and only state the general area we live.  For a long time I was VERY hesitant to post anything that would narrow down our location too much, or give out any clues about our family.  I will say that on that subject, foursquare pretty much narrows down the area we live, sometimes more than I like, however I still use, and enjoy it.  :)  I also made the decision to separate my "normal" life from my blogging life.  My personal facebook page is not linked with my blog page, some of my friends and family know that I blog, however the only ones who have actually seen it are my husband, my mom, and my friend Lis.

This may all soon change.  Although the line sometimes gets blurred one way or the other temporarily, it may be shattered soon.  I cannot make an official announcement yet, but my family's business, and quite possibly myself are going to be on TV in the coming months, and I don't want you to miss it!  :)  

SO be on the lookout for my awesome announcement in the coming month.  :)  I wish I could post it now, but the production company doesn't want things announced yet, but AS SOON as I get clearance I will be posting it on my blog!  Can't wait to share my good news with y'all! 


...and we have a winner!!

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

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I am excited to announce the winner of the Kroger Cartbuster Giveaway!!

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Gina · 6 days ago
3/18 daily entry!
gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

Congrats Gina!!
Just e-mail me at mommyramblings@gmail.com ASAP with your full name, address, and phone # so your gift card can be on it's way!! :)


Maybe it's just me...

>> Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Maybe it's just me, but I am amazed at something that happened on twitter tonight.  In light of the tragedy in Japan, I happened on a re-tweet from someone that stated "How you can - . For every retweet, @ will give $1 to Japan quake victims, up to $100K."  I personally thought it was great and quickly re-tweeted the message.  I personally am not a follower of Bing, and honestly have never used the search engine, but I wanted to make sure the message was valid.  I was amazed when I saw that not only was the message valid, but that they tweeted this message a couple of hours later; "We apologize the tweet was negatively perceived. Intent was to provide an easy way for people to help Japan. We have donated $100K."  Negatively Perceived?!?  How can a tweet that raises both money and awareness for the horrible devastation in Japan be negatively perceived?!?  After doing a bit more reading, I found that people were evidently "appalled" at this marketing campaign in the face of this tragedy...Now growing up in a family that has owned a small business for over 70 years, I am not a huge fan of corporate America, and I know how they are, but I still can't wrap my head around this way of thinking.  In my opinion Bing was giving people a way to feel involved when they made their donation, as well as keeping ways to help fresh on everyone's minds.  Yes the tweet had @bing, ok well obviously they needed a way to track it, how about the link...the link is to a page in Microsoft that outlines what happened in Japan, what Microsoft is doing to help, and links to organizations that you can donate to to help out (American Red Cross, Save the Children, International Medical Corps, World Vision, NetHope, Mercy Corps, and AidMatrix)  I personally don't see anything wrong with this tweet, I know a lot of people were saying just donate the money, stop the marketing ploy and such, but the way I personally see things, Bing was going to donate the money anyway, however, this way people felt like they were involved in it and doing just a bit to help out.  I know that we all feel so helpless, and wish there was more we could do!  I will step down off of my soapbox now, people just amaze me...


Kroger Cart Buster Promotion!

>> Saturday, March 5, 2011

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We all know that in the scheme of the budget, groceries are right up there with putting gas in the car.  Kroger is helping out through March 12 with their awesome Cart Buster promotion!!  Not only have they been having some great deals, but they have also been hosting a "Deal of the Day." If you are one of the first 1000 people to click on the current deal of the day, you receive a free coupon automatically loaded to your shopper card for that item!  One of my favorite things about Kroger is the ability to log into your account and load coupons directly to your card.

I love couponing, but having to waste my paper and ink printing 3 huge coupons per page like most sites offer is almost more trouble than it is worth!  This way I can load lots of coupons to the card, then I can print a list of loaded coupons to take to the store with me!  It's a win/win!

As if sales and coupons weren't enough...One lucky reader will also receive a $25 Kroger gift card!!

Here is how to enter:

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will run through 11:59pm eastern March 23.

The winner will be chosen using random.org, and announced March 24.

Entry 1 - What is your current favorite snack/indulgence?

Entry 2- Subscribe to my blog :)

Entry 3- Follow me on Twitter

Entry 4- Follow me on Facebook

Entry 5- Tweet about my giveaway, be sure to leave a link  :)

Entry 6 and beyond- Come back and leave a comment on this entry daily

Good luck everyone!!

Disclosure:  I was provided by the Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills/Nestle/P&G through MyBlogSpark with both a $25 Kroger gift card for myself, as well as a second $25 Kroger gift card to give to a lucky reader. 



>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Last night I went to bed pretty satisfied...I remembered to send a few blog related e-mails, print our CSA agreement for the year, checked the The Hip Homeschool Forum to see if new members needed approval, scheduled a tweet for this morning, wished my DH Happy Anniversary after it was midnight...thought I was doing pretty well...that is until we woke up this morning.  I was still in bed when I overheard the conversation in the hallway...It went something like this...

Princess K: Do you know what the tooth fairy brought me?

Neil:  What did the tooth fairy bring you?

Princess K:  Nothing!

I promptly smacked my forehead a few times and buried my head under the pillow repeatedly asking myself how I could have forgotten something like that!!!  DAHH!  *sigh*  You have go to having a TOTAL mommy fail at 8am...before the day even starts!  UGH...I told her to leave her tooth under her pillow so she doesn't lose it, but I am secretly hoping the tooth fairy will sneak in and get the tooth today since she was SO busy last night!  Myst have been a busy tooth day yesterday! 


Not Wordless Wednesday...

>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Today Princess K both got a fat lip, and lost her top right tooth...Her tooth has been loose for months, but smacking it on her brothers bed this morning made it quite loose.  LOL  For some reason she had her head down by the mattress on his bed, Bubba B, unable to resist any one leaning over and showing their back, of course took the opportunity to jump on her, in turn making her smack her mouth on the wooden bed frame...That was while I was making lunch...She decided she wanted me to pull the tooth, however, it took multiple attempts over the course of the afternoon.  Finally all I needed was one more yank, and it popped out...and shot down to the bathroom floor.  After crawling around on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for the offending tooth, I found it hiding cleverly under the step stool. 

She was thrilled to have the tooth out, and I spent the evening trying to laugh as little as possible at her speech, although after I realized she also found it funny, I got her to repeatedly say the word thock, I mean sock.  LOL  I should also mention that while getting ready to go to the restaurant to show Daddy her fat lip and missing tooth, Bubba B managed to get a paper cut across his lip, then while eating dinner he bit his tongue....really I don't mind blood, but 4 injuries in one day is plenty  LOL 

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