We Did It, We Are Cable Tv/ Satellite Free!!

>> Monday, February 14, 2011

So after talking about it for months and months, we finally kicked DirecTv to the curb and went satellite/cable free about 2 months ago, and so far we love it!!  Now before you go thinking we are insane, or have gone TV free, that is not the case.  (Although I think people who have gone Tv free in their homes are awesome)  :)  The kids still have a Tv in their room so they can watch PBS kids and DVD's.  On that note I generally prefer PBS kids, and that is majority of what they watch by far.  In the living room we have our Apple TV hooked up, as well as have a blueray player, xbox 360, and Wii. 

Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)

So far we really like the Apple TV for playing both itunes and our streaming netflix shows and movies.  Also the Apple TV gives me access to podcasts, internet radio (I can listen to KLove on my TV which is awesome), and flickr (We have a screen saver of some of my flickr pics which plays when we have something paused for a while or are listening to the radio/podcasts).  One thing I don't quite understand, and do miss is the ability to play my audiobooks through the apple TV.  I am a member of Audible, and generally listen to my books through itunes.  For some reason even though itunes will seamlessly import the audible books, and you can play them on any ipod/iphone, Apple TV does not support the file format...it's just weird. 

Although there have been a few times when there was something on TV we wanted to watch, however when you think about the money we are saving, whatever it was doesn't seem so important anymore.  :) 

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