>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

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*peeks around the corner*

Hey there...remember me??

*slowly walks back into the blogging realm*

Hey guys *insert shy wave here*

I really haven't forgotten you....I promise! I know you have heard it before, but life has been insanely hectic!! As if I didn't have enough going on, I added full time student to my bio...

Ok so now down to business...don't give up on me, don't delete me from your google readers just yet.

I will soon be switching something else on my bio....I am going from full time worker and student, to just full time student!!! ...well and wife and mommy :D

I REALLY am going to try to do better on keeping you all updated on my random mommy ramblings...Just don't give up on me...

I have plans for this blog....plans for a challenge, more reviews, some giveaways....

I really appreciate everyone who is still here!!

Thank You! :)

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