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>> Monday, October 5, 2009

I really am going to try to keep this blog up beat, however since this blog is about my life, sometimes it drifts... Yesterday would have been my Granddad's birthday.

He was born in North Carolina, and was one of 5 boys. I have had the pleasure of hearing a plethora of stories from him about being poor, and working on the family farm. I wish that I could have recorded some of those stories, since many of the details have gotten lost over the years.

He was in the army and served in World War II.

When I was little, I remember visiting him in North Carolina sometimes. He lived up here, but had an apartment down there during the week. He was the plant manager for a feed company, and I still have vague pictures in my head of what his office looked like, as well as the view from the big window that looked down on the rest of the plant. He retired when I was around 7 or 8 (I think), but he didn't slow down a bit.

My parents are divorced, and my mom was a working mom, so my grandparents had me after school during the week. In addition to going to church Wed nights and twice on Sundays, my Granddad was also a deacon, and in the choir. While I was in Middle School, both of my grandparents started voulenteering at my school, and my Granddad voulenteered there for years after I left.

Being an only child (that lived in my house, I have 2 half sisters that live with my Dad), I was very self sufficient when it came to entertaining myself. I stayed outside in the Summers, and was always looking for supplies and making things from my highlights magazines! :) I don't know what most girls did when they entertained themselves, but I was always one to be playing with bugs and dirt.

My granddad taught me how to make a homemade slingshot (and how to use it) and showed me how to tie a string to the leg of a June bug, so it was kinda like a kite. (something I don't condone, but it was something he did growing up!) I ALWAYS was catching bugs of some kind to keep as "pets"

My Granddad was always there for me, and anyone else that needed him. I really don't know how he did all he did.

He called me his "buddy", or "Jackass" depending on what mood he was in. :) He always had a sense of humor...dressing up like a woman for skits on many occasions to go visit home bound church members.

He was one that knew how to have fun, could always help me with my homework, and was always there if I needed him to be. He lived by his motto... "It only takes a little more effort to go first class"

My Granddad passed away 3 years ago from Cancer. He will always have a big place in my heart, and I will never stop missing him. I know that he is in a better place, and he will always be watching out for me.

I feel VERY blessed and privileged to be a part of his life.

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