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>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today the kids were at my in-laws. N and I went to pick them up after going walking this afternoon, and by the time we went, it was storming.

Right before I ran out the door to put K in the truck, she told me she was scared and didn't like thunder and lightning.... she says that every time it storms, and while she would be freaked out by standing in the middle of the yard during a storm, they really don't bother her.

While I am running across the yard, with one thought in mind (getting her in the car) she tells me that my father in law was telling her about his great grandfather today.

Now here is the point that I REALLY should have been scared, but the storm must have been affecting me because my thought was "Oh how nice!" I told her she should tell us all about it in the car. She happily says "oh, yeah, good idea." Here is where it gets interesting...on the way home, in the middle of a massive storm:

Me: K, why don't you tell us what PawPaw told you today.

*at this point I was still VERY happy that she was so interested in her ancestors, and he shared a story with her*

K: Oh, Yeah! Today he was telling us about his great granddad!

*at this point my hubby smacks his forehead*

K: He was a farmer! One day he was out in the field under a tree, and a storm came up....

*at this point, I start losing that happy feeling*

K: He was standing under a tree in the field, and the lightning crashed into it, and it fell on him..... and he was dead.

*my turn to smack my forehead*

REALLY I should have known better! LOL


Mimi August 8, 2009 at 8:16 PM  

OMG, you have to laugh! Love when people, even loved ones, tell your kids stories that will put the fear into them, LOL.

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