K's First Day of K-4!!

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

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WOO Today was K's first day of K-4. She has been counting down the days... the anticipation killing her. She is a big girl this year you see... she is an ALL DAY student!

We are fortunate enough to have her in a school which we absolutely adore! Every time I go to orientation, or a PTF meeting, I generally love the place more.

I love her teacher so far (and yes I am aware it is only the first day), her class is a great size...I believe there are 7 in her class, and she actually gets something out of school. I refuse to send her somewhere where they treat the younger kids like it is a daycare, and not a school.

Of course as a mom, my favorite part is hearing every little teeny tiny detail that I can squeeze out of a 4 year old about her day... and then there is the all important book bag.... today at work it was time for the anticipation to get to me. I LOVE going through her book bag, especially on the first day of school. You get to see their yearly goals, daily schedule, and learn about what will be going on in the class in general.

I was thinking about that darn book bag all day. I think it goes along with the fact that I will lash out in anger at my husband if he gets the mail....I want to be the first to go through it. I know I am weird...at least I admit it!

Oh and don't mind the messy porch...


conversation with my 4 year old...

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Today the kids were at my in-laws. N and I went to pick them up after going walking this afternoon, and by the time we went, it was storming.

Right before I ran out the door to put K in the truck, she told me she was scared and didn't like thunder and lightning.... she says that every time it storms, and while she would be freaked out by standing in the middle of the yard during a storm, they really don't bother her.

While I am running across the yard, with one thought in mind (getting her in the car) she tells me that my father in law was telling her about his great grandfather today.

Now here is the point that I REALLY should have been scared, but the storm must have been affecting me because my thought was "Oh how nice!" I told her she should tell us all about it in the car. She happily says "oh, yeah, good idea." Here is where it gets interesting...on the way home, in the middle of a massive storm:

Me: K, why don't you tell us what PawPaw told you today.

*at this point I was still VERY happy that she was so interested in her ancestors, and he shared a story with her*

K: Oh, Yeah! Today he was telling us about his great granddad!

*at this point my hubby smacks his forehead*

K: He was a farmer! One day he was out in the field under a tree, and a storm came up....

*at this point, I start losing that happy feeling*

K: He was standing under a tree in the field, and the lightning crashed into it, and it fell on him..... and he was dead.

*my turn to smack my forehead*

REALLY I should have known better! LOL



>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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WOOO Thanks SO much to Lis over at A Trucker Wife, I won the most AMAZING apron! I posted a pic a few posts back so I could let everyone know about the giveaway! :)

If you can't tell, I am REALLY excited! LOL


Have you ever noticed....

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

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Have you ever noticed....that you may never scratch your face all day, but when someone tells you not to move, all of a sudden you itch SOO badly!!

I went for an MRI today, the second I have ever had, and of course while I was in there (towards the end thankfully) it felt like something landed on my cheek. It was everything I could do not to scratch my face. Ugh...so annoying! LOL

...and just in case you are wondering, nothing serious. I have been getting ALOT of migraines lately, and it is just precautionary. :)


Last night I had a dream...

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Please excuse the HORRIBLE fuzzy pic....I will post good scans of some of my wedding pics another day!

Last night I had a dream...

It was one of those vivid ones, the ones where when you wake up, you remember everything....at least for a few minutes LOL

Did you ever have that one BEST friend? The one that you were over their house as much as your own...

I had that friend in highschool. We were inseparable, we were really more like sisters. I was FAR from popular in our little small town private school, but it was ok because I had Rach. I called her mom "mom", annoyed her little brother, she was my Maid of Honor, and I was hers. In about 8 years for friendship, we had only ONE fight.

I don't think her husband liked me...I don't think he liked me much at all. The ladt time I saw either of them was when I dropped by their apartment one day after K was born. I hadn't talked to her in MONTHS, but I had gotten the notion to get in the car with K one day and go see her. I saw her husband at the apartment office, and waved him down. He was picking up the mail because they had evidently moved into hi parents old house over 30 minutes away. I talked to him in the parking lot for a while, gave him a picture of K to give to Rach, and told him to tell her Hi. I have often wondered if he ever told her he saw me at all.

In the dream, I drove out to her parents old house. Her parents still lived there, as did her little brother. She was at another friends house, and I found out she was pregnant. It was a boy. I think I spent the night at their house, because I was there the next night when she and her friend got home.

I remember seeing her pregnant, and thinking it was so weird because her friend didn't know me. After that I woke up.

I sometimes wonder about Rach. Our lives are so different now. She is not on Myspace or Facebook...as far as I can tell, there isn't any info on the web about her. I did find her brother on facebook, but didn't talk to him.

I know we have both changed, and I don't know if I will ever see her again, but we sure had some great times! I know it sounds really weird, but I don't feel like I NEED to see her. I know that our lives took separate paths, and I just hope that she is happy and healthy.

I know that was kind of a long rambling post, and kudos if you read it all. LOL I wrote it down in a notebook in the wee hours, after waking up from that dream. I knew I would not remember it later, and wanted to document it. Have a great night everyone!!


sooo tired!

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

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The kids and I started out the day by going downtown. The first Saturday of the month, the city blocks off one of the streets, and parking garages to hold a farmers & flea market.

We had a good time looking around, although it was VERY hot, and I was brilliant enough to wear jeans.

I couldn't handle both kids alone in that setting...well I CAN, it's just better not to chance things with all the breakables, so C had to sit in the stroller the whole time, which he didn't like.

I got some AWESOME homemade strawberry and fig preserves, and K got a new tutu and matching headband.

When we left, I headed over to my grandmom's where I spent the entire afternoon cleaning out my car...which wouldn't have been soo bad, except for the fact that it was about 300 degrees outside! ugh

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