Sick Baby Girl :(

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Well K is sick!  Ugh...she has pretty bad allergies, so the sea of pollen outside keeps her running a low grade fever, but today her fever has gone up.  Her normal temperature this time of year is 99.4 for a while, but it has spiked today t o 102.4.  I am thinking that she MAY have picked up a virus?  I am in no way a doctor, but it makes since to me that the constant low grade temperature, that the allergies cause MAY lower the immune system to make her a bit more susceptible to a virus....It sounds good to me anyway!  LOL  Not that the doctor can do anything about a virus, but we were JUST there with C for his check-up YESTERDAY!  The fact that he can't do anything doesn't make it any better!  LOL  And like a goof-ball, I gave her tylenol at 9, not even thinking that it wouldn't likely touch a fever that high, and I should have given her motrin instead....sigh....hindsight is 20/20  LOL

Thankfully she has been acting fine...we actually had to get her to calm down b/c she kept wanting to run around the livingroom with C.  She ended up eating Jello for dinner...she didn't want any of her chicken....I wasn't going to push, as long as she ate SOMETHING!  AND to top it all off, I let them share their drink at dinner insert forehead smack....HERE  

Pay no attention to the crappy quality of tonights was taken on my cell just before K went to bed.


Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

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Well it's a bit late, but Happy Birthday to my baby Boy C!!!! He turned 2 Thursday, in a day that flew by way to fast! Kids really do grow up too fast, and if you blink, you will miss soo much! My big boy weighed in at 8lbs 14 oz. I will post his current weight after his 2 year check-up on Monday :)

Thursday was a crazy day! I really wanted to take the day off, as I usually do on my kid's birthdays, but of course it was the day of the meeting that I had to go to. Well the meeting was over at 4, then I had to drive back to work to take my office manager back. Well the tunnel traffic was backed up as usual, so we sat in that for a while. The entire time I was sweating it b/c K had her school spring program last night. (why they don't clear hings with me, I will never know...) Got back to work at about 5:20....had to be at the school BY 6:45....drove home, got K dressed only to realize she didn't have any white dress shoes / sandals. Got everyone ready, minus her shoes, ran to target, C fell asleep on the way to Target b/c he didn't have a nap today at my dad's >:/ ran k into target, threw her in the back of a shopping cart, and off we went to the shoes....THANKFULLY I found a pair of dressy white sandals that would work, so we hurried over to the checkout line. There were 3 lines open and ALL 3 had took us almost 10 minutes to check out!!! UGH We finally got to the truck, threw her in her carseat, and off we went to school....Her class had already lined up, but I got her there in time...threw the top of her hair up in a ponytail, and took my seat. The play went very well, and we went to Applebees afterwards for C's birthday! It was a long night! LOL


Slacker blogger already!!

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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so I admit it! I am a slacker! Perhaps I should have named this Confessions of a slacker blogger LOL ANYWAY not much has been going on, but it is busy as usual. I do have to share one of those moments that you only get to experience when you have when I picked K and C up at my grandmother's she shared a little story...She was out hanging up laundry, and when she came in she couldn't find C. She was calling his name, and looked in all the rooms, but he was no where to be found. She was starting to get a little frantic, and checked the front door...nope shut tight...all of a sudden she heard him make a noise from the back of the house....she called him again, and followed the noise to the back bedroom, where my son, who will be 2 in 2 days, had gotten ahold of her toothbrush, and was brushing his if that wasn't bad enough......

wait for it.....

are you sure you really want to know....

he was using.....

dramatic pause.....

the toilet water to brush them with!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok so really, I know that isn't the worse story you have heard...but still...bleck...It's a good thing he is so darn cute LOL

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