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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here I sit on the sofa at 11:30pm watching a TiVo'd episode of the Exterminators trying to think of what to blog tonight.  Well the day was pretty normal...get up, go to work, the kids were at my dad's so I headed over there after work for home made spaghetti and to watch Bolt with the kids.  There wasn't even any crazy neighbor activity!  Hmmm... bloggers block LOL    Well when I asked N, my hubby, what the topic of the night should be, I got the response "how wonderful your hubby is"....gee thanks hon...  

Well in true fashion, I am going in a completely different direction...I thought I would let you in on some of my favorite TV shows.  LOL  

The shows that N and I never miss are:

Ghost Hunters
Dirty Jobs
Ghost Hunters International-ok really this one is just to keep us going when the season of the original Ghost Hunters is on break....most of the time we spend the episode commenting on things like the fact that one of the girls looks like a raccoon  LOL

Ok so I can't just leave it at that...seriously this topic irks me to no end!  (I posted raccoon girl's pic as the image for this entry)  The thing is she has been in many episodes....I don't care how your makeup looks in the daylight.  (For those who have never seen the show, about 95% is filmed in the dark)  You know that she has watched herself on TV....how would she not know this is NOT the look to go for?  

Ok, I think I truly am rambling now, so I am off to bed!  Have a great night everyone, and when you are doing your makeup in the morning just remember, raccoons are NOT in!  

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